Flutter App Development

Google’s answer to the growing hybrid mobile application platform landscape. Flutter is gaining traction as one of the most native feel providing a hybrid mobile application development platform.

Get Best Of Both World With Flutter App Development Framework

Flutter was released in 2018 without much fanfare and the trend of being low key continued until mid-2019 where its popularity gained steam. Flutter now is in the tenth place in the top 100 software Repos based on GitHub stars. This exponential growth only shows the potential of this cross-platform mobile application development platform. At the centre, Flutter is UI toolkit and the entire toolkit is based on pre-prepared widgets, these widgets are made to simulate a native feel to both android and iOS. The widgets make up the structural elements of the application such as menus, buttons and such. The widgets are made with material design for Android and with Cupertino for iOS apps. Custom widgets can also be created according to the specific needs of the user as well. Flutter uses Dart, which is a simple object-oriented programming language. Drat shares some major similarities with Kotlin and Swift, the foundation for Android and iOS respectively. Both of them can be trans compiled into JavaScript codes, although Flutter is optimized for 2D apps, Flutter has gained a reputation among the hyper-casual game developers in both platforms. Brainfuel leveraged all the potential of the flutter development platform to become a well known flutter app development company.

Mobile application development process

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Why Choose Flutter?

Fast and simple development

Due to pre-existing UI elements, the flutter app development is quicker when compared with others, you just need to code once and run it anywhere. This saves time when it comes to developers needing coding twice for different platforms as well. Flutter comes with a hot reload function by which developers can run every feature in real-time, this translates to fixing bugs during the development itself.

Minimal code

Flutter app development platform uses Dart programming, which uses AOT and JIT for compiling the codes which improve the performance, functioning and startup time. With JIT the codes are optimized over time, faults are reduced and less memory is used.AOT reduces the size of the codes thus reducing the load on the system running it.

Unique UI

Even though it comes with existing UI toolkits, front ends can be unique as the imagination of the developer. Shapes, colours, shades, and shadows can be changed with much more flexibility. Flutter app development platform, in fact, comes with its own rendering engine called skia which makes all the creativity come to life.

Open Source Framework

Since Flutter is open source, developers have the ability to customize different the look and the feel on various mobile operating platforms without investing too many resources, which one of the advantages flutter app development platform. The community of contributors has grown due to the rising popularity of the flutter app development framework, there are periodic updates to the framework which has only helped to cement Flutter app development platform as a highly capable hybrid framework.

Quicker Development Of Apps

In an environment where the competition is cut-throat where the expectation and demands of the users are always on the rise. The Flutter framework is a blessing for the businesses and developers alike. Flutter app developers can update and develop apps quickly like never before, the codebase sharing feature of Flutter app development makes this process a breeze

Who else uses Flutter

Google Alibaba BMW Tencent

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