Web Scraping

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Web scraping

Web scraping is done for generating information databases, mailing lists, contact profiles and more. We at Brianfuel provide you with the best data scraping services. We have been serving clients with interests in real estate, information technology, health care, travel and tourism, and many more industries. We have a deep understanding of the capabilities and advantages of web scraping, we have categorized our web scraping services tailored to different industries such as observe web pages in e-commerce sites to track the prices of the competition, making copies of entire web sites of record-keeping and for legal reasons, Scraping texts, icons, pictures, photos files and PDFs for copyright reasons and more. We have customized data scraping which is not only limited to web sites, unlike our competitors

We provide 100% accurate data in the format of your requirements, from in .txt format to .csv we have all your web scraping requirements covered. We have expertise in manual and automated web scraping as well. We have created a crawling bot with the insights of machine learning to provide you with the best data possible. We provide you data to make better business decisions and to start your next dream venture, have the relevant data to start your next journey.

Why Do You Need Web Scraping For Your Business?

Opinion Tracking and Tracing

Analyze what the customers are saying about your product and services across multiple platforms such as social media channels in their tweets, comments, and posts. This can be extended to niche forums and complaints registry sites as well. This helps to better improve the service or the product but also provides you with the existing demographics of your clients as well.

Better Appraise And Estimate

Track the price your competition is showing on the internet, from e-commerce sites, social media channels and any other digital outlet. Estimate how they price their products all around the year, attract buyers at offseason with better pricing and better offers. With python based data scraping services, get the best pricing for you services and products.

Position and Prominence

Get to know yourself from the perspective of your buyers by monitoring your campaign success, their opinions about your brand, how your brand is positioned with respect to your products r services. Get to know if your brand is the first or second preference. By fetching relevant data from your competitors, fill in the gaps that brand lack and also fill the gap that the markets want to be filled. Get detailed information with web data scraping services what direction your business should take.

Investments With Insights

Get the information about what works and what is lagging in your organization, better optimize your 80-20 business. Get insights into growing trends within your industry to better prepare for the rising demands. With our data scraping services get the right knowledge from the sea of information to make the right choice.

Tracking Trends

Get to know how your industry is going to shift in future tracking and monitoring trends across your industry. Fetch informational from relevant portals, newsletters, press releases and more. With our web scraping services get the best and relevant data according to the trends of the market.

Generate Leads

Get leads from outlets that you have been ignoring, get leads from social media channels, forums, event boards, webinar conferences, and competitors websites. We help your marketing department by providing better leads to work on. Data scraping from the right platforms can truly be difference n getting quality leads.

Why Choose us for your web scraping services?

  • Scalable cramping services
  • Accurate and relevant data
  • One-Click data Extract
  • Client Specific Custom crawlers
  • Rigid security and compliances
  • Dedicated web scraping team

The Difference With Web Scraping For Your Business

Marketing has become a mix of art and science, art for attracting clients and the science to get to the right customers.

With web scraping, you get leads from sources which were right under the noses of everyone. With niche forums and web conference boards, you get information with potential clients who are better positioned to be converted. With our custom web scraping solutions get the rights the leads for your products and services. Get information from your competition to know what they are dining different from you with data scraping from the right sources. With our machine learning algorithm, our clients get information which is pertinent to their business. We have built our web scraping bots with javascript and AJAX to be ahead of the curve. We use VPN services to avoid being tracked or traced for eliminating the chances of being blocked in the foreseeable future.

With web data scraping, you can collect a huge amount of data, this huge amount of data usually a huge mess of words and numbers. With our web scraping services make sense of these words and numbers, weed out the relevant and irreverent data from the mess. It’s not just old data which can be scraped, real-time data such as prices of products, interest rates, insurance premiums and more. This service is extremely useful in creating trend graphs and charts. The same principle can be implemented on social media channels to get a piece of first-hand information from the end-users about their complaints and expectation from a product or a service. Data scraping from the right sources makes all the difference when making business decisions.

Our crawlers can start working with just one click or schedule a crawl beforehand. Get the data stored behind a secure wall to prevent misuse of them. Get the data in the format of your choices CSV, XLSX, RSS, JSON and more.

Which Industry Are You From?

Hospitality and Tourism

Scarpe data from travel and tourism sites to track prices of airlines, taxis and hotels, get the reviews and categorize them according to your specifications. Most of the competition already use web scraping, now its time for you to get ahead.

Real Estate

Scrape the types of properties up for listing, categorize them from lease, sale or rent. Track their pricing, get to know the trends in specific areas or specific types of properties. Be ahead of the competition with the right data


Better yourself or compete better, do the right thing by scaring the reviews and comments to know what clients think about your product. Track the pricing of your competitor’s product for added edge

Human Capital and Talent Trove

Get the most talented candidates from the heap of candidates out there. Get the most deserving candidates by scraping data from job posting boards, other companies career pages and more.

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