Cordova framework is the undisputed king of customization when it comes to hybrid mobile development platforms. Cordova is even made better when as it add frameworks and plugins to make a truly one of a kind application.

Enjoy The Freedom Of Open Source App Development Using Cordova

Cordova is an open source mobile app development framework which is backed by Adobe Systems. Cross-platform mobile applications that are made Cordova are highly scalable and agile when compared with its competition. Cordova has gained attention due its use of common scripting languages such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript which assists in developing an application with a uncomplicated and uncluttered Cordova framework. Thus making creating apps with Cordova is a simple task, due to fact that most of the components are basic languages such as JavaScript etc. Cordova is a hybrid script framework which uses standard web API’s for all well known operating platforms. The Cordova application developers only need to know web development using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Cordova takes over the rest of the work to be done. Using Cordova, a developer can create applications for operating systems like Cordova, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. The Cordova developer need not be an expert of either of the above mentioned operating system. Cordova can almost cover any operating system such as Apple Cordova, Bada, BlackBerry, Firefox OS, Google Android LG webOS, Microsoft Windows Phone(7 and 8), Nokia Symbian OS, Tizen (SDK 2.x), and Ubuntu Touch. Thus Cordova has edge over the other simply due to the coverage of the framework.

Mobile application development process

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Why Choose Cordova?

Privacy & Security

Cordova is one cross platform development options which puts privacy and security of the application as important as the application’s ease of development and stability. The Cordova community is always on the lookout to make the cordova platform to be the most secure and safest cross platform development framework.

Performance Oriented

When it comes to performance, Cordova has managed to meets the expectations of the modern and very demanding end user. Cordova comes out on top as it has the provision for a set of storage APIs, including local storage (simple, synchronous key/value pair storage), WebSQL (storing data in a structured database) and IndexedDB (Combines the benefits of LocalStorage and WebSQL APIs). Based on the requirements of the app, developers can use the right storage API to let users find the information they need in a quick and easy manner.

Cordova App Development: Adds Features and Flexibility

No two businesses are alike. What works for your competitors may not work or exactly work for you. Hence, you need a custom app for your business. Thankfully, Cordova presents a wide range of templates to work with. Skilled developers can also create their own. Apart from core Cordova plugins, third-party plugins are accepted in Cordova app development, which helps in adding more functionality and muscles to the apps. Icons used with an app can be configured and customized well based on the need for the target platform. In Cordova, you can get apps built as light as 50 MB and as heavier as 1 GB. Thus, this app development methodology can serve a spectrum of purpose as required by your business.

Cordova App Development: Cuts Time to Market (TTM)

Developers are free to work with diverse IDEs (Integrated development environment) or ecosystem of command line tools, JavaScript frameworks, and cloud services, namely, Adobe Cordova (official), ionic, Monaca, Onsen UI, Virtual Studio, TACO, Teleri, GapDebug, App Builder, Intel XDK, Cocoon and Framework 7 to augment the development process based on their convenience. Different IDEs possess and services have different attributes and resources to let developers build the right app with the right features and functionalities. This flexibility not just speeds up the development process but also makes the inclusion of enhancements or updates easier and faster as compared to native apps.

Diverse Compatibility

Cordova is universally considered as the best option for cross-platform app development . The code developed and written for one specific platform can be replicated for other platforms as well with minor tweaks while keeping the native attributes intact. With the ability of the code to be reusable across multiple platforms, Cordova developers save time as they don't need to rewrite code again and again for different platforms. Cordova apps are compatible with all the popular platforms such as Android, Cordova, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Firefox OS, LG webOS, Fire OS, and Ubuntu.

Additional Frameworks

When you are using Apache Cordova, you can work it with additional frameworks to enhance the user-interface functionality of the app. Some of the popular frameworks that can be added to Apache Cordova.

  • jQuery mobile framework – a touch optimized framework used for tablets and smartphones.
  • Kendo UI Core – a framework that allows developers to build apps that look native.
  • Bower – is a third-party package manager.

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