Create apps that capture the eyes and imagination of every user with Ionic. leveraging PhoneGap, HTML5 and AngularJs, Ionic can give apps a lively look and feel like no other . Brain Fuel has utilized Ionic to its maximum to make some memorable apps.

Experience Greater Scalability With Ionic App Development Framework

Ionic is an open source mobile app development framework specifically used for building highly interactive and progressive mobile applications. This framework has a greater emphasis on the UI/UX of the application when compared to its competition. Given its hybrid nature, we further use this framework to its fullest potential by using the same codebase to develop mobile apps for multiple platforms such as Ionic and Android. Ionic was created by Drifty Co. in 2013, a company known for their constant innovations Drifty's previous innovations include Codiqa and Jetstrap, which are drag-and-drop interface building tools building on jQuery Mobile and Bootstrap, respectively. Ionic is coupled with AngularJS which makes Ionic perfect for image heavy applications, Ionic also uses HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. These are some of the well-known programming frameworks out there. This means developers can easily match the expectations of the clients into their application in a quick time. This is where sharding codebase comes in handy. Ionic is an open source framework, the community of Ionic is only growing due to its acceptance among developers both at the expert and novices.

Mobile application development process

Learn more about us with mobile development process, we have broken down process to meet the demands and expectations of our clients and your end users.

Why Choose Ionic?

Cross-Platform Usability

The Iconic is a customizable language, it can be customizable to be compatible on several platforms and also can be optimized to run on numerous other mobile operating systems. With Ionic, developing the code is significantly easier and faster as the Ionic framework can be easily integrated into AngularJS to set up code structure. This leads to developing new concepts faster and on lower budgets.

User-Friendly Interface

Ionic integrates AngularJS, JavaScript, CSS and HTML5, all of these integrations translates as a visually appealing and a user-friendly interface for the application. Visual and navigational Components of an application such as navigation tabs, sliding menu, buttons, lists, form inputs, pop-ups and prompts can be easily customized for a particular mobile app. The end result is a beautiful, interactive and easy to use application.

Open Source Framework

Since Ionic is open source, developers have the ability to customize different the look and the feel on various mobile operating platforms without investing too many resources. The community of contributors has grown due to the rising popularity of the framework, there are periodic updates to the framework which has only help to cement Ionic has a highly capable hybrid framework. This is also happening with the individual components of the framework, such as CSS, JS and HTML5.

Quicker Development Of Apps

In an environment where the competition is cut-throat where the expectation and demands of the users are always on the rise. The ionic framework is a blessing for the businesses and developers alike. Developers can update and developers apps quickly like never before, the codebase sharing feature of Ionic makes this process a breeze.

Based on AngularJS

The Ionic framework’s frontend component is based on Angular JS compatibility, AngularJS allows the developers to broaden the ease and functionality. This results in applications which are easy to use and easy on the eyes. It uses the syntax extending of HTML to include components of app and data binding. JavaScript-based frontend framework AngularJS allows developers to build high-performance mobile apps on the Ionic platform. Across the world, AngularJS is the most used JavaScript, AngularJS is a Google-owned framework.

Ease Of Testing

Quality testing is easy when it comes to Ionic, the application can be tested on a browser, simulator or on a desktop. The Ionic application can be tested on Safari browser as well, Onic also allows testers to remotely debug the program as well.

Cordova plugins

Cordova plugins work miracles for the Ionic framework, giving the framework access to multiple components of an operating system such as the battery, location services, camera, access to logs and more. Cordova plugins can enhance the overall performance of apps and can help applications to improve their functionalities too. Cordova plugin is also known for their customization abilities as well as it involves coding a few extra lines.

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