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Setting the standards for the industry, the iOS platform has become the OS to beat when it comes to smartphones.

iPhone is one of the most popular and beloved smartphones among the consumers all over the world. The demand for iOS apps has only gone one way up from its inception. BrainFuel is a leading iPhone app development company in India that offers agile and reliable iPhone app development services worldwide.

Mobile application development process

Learn more about us with mobile development process, we have broken down process to meet the demands and expectations of our clients and your end users.

Features iOS development platform


Lightning is way Better than Micro USB, Apple's Lightning connector may not be standard, unlike Micro USB, but it is much more powerful. The Lightning port can also be used for audio. Lightning headphones are capable of receiving lossless stereo 48 kHz digital audio output from Apple devices, as well as sending mono 48 kHz digital input from a microphone.

Newer Technologies

Since Apple is the only manufacturer making iOS devices, new technologies tend to see a much faster adoption. This consistency in user experience is very appealing to developers who are always on lookout to implement and adopt the technology. In contrast, Previously, manufacturers of different platforms had to implement the technology themselves. That meant third-party app developers could not guarantee every iOS user would have the same experience.

Instant Updates for All

When Apple puts on a new iOS update, it reaches every Apple product immediately. any security vulnerabilities, software glitches or bugs are fixed with great efficiency within the iOS ecosystem. It also means users can get their hands on the latest features as soon as Apple is ready with them.


Apple's Spotlight search is a phenomenal search engine. From any Home Screen panel on any iPhone or iPad, a simple touch and drag down will load the search field. You can then launch a search for almost anything on your device – apps, contacts, phone numbers, messages, GarageBand projects, draft emails, individual tracks available to stream via Apple Music. Spotlight can also be search the web, Like on OS X, Spotlight can handle some basic everyday and maths questions too.

Transition with continuity

Since Apple creates both the hardware and software for its devices, they tend to work very well together. Start writing an email, document, text message on one Apple device and you can immediately pick up where you left off from another Apple device. With Continuity, you can also make and receive phone calls from your iPad, iPod touch, or Mac when your iPhone is on the same wifi network.

More Secure

Apple's iOS is a more secure platform than the competition. Given, it's not impregnable. But it is better than all its competitors on every measure related to security. iOS also has more users worldwide, which makes it appealing for cyber scammers.

Siri upgrades

Siri is now in its third year of existence, and with time, it’s getting even smarter. iOS now allows users to activate Siri with a voice command, iTunes purchases can be made right from Siri’s interface, and it now has song recognition powered by Shazam.


iOS with HealthKit measures all the individual measures of all of user’s fitness data. HealthKit provides hooks to pull in data from third-party fitness trackers so you can keep track of everything all in one place.

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