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We help organizations with Raster Data Analysis services for scalable distributed processing for bigger image and raster collections and also include the existing GIS and imagery data

Brainfuel Solutions offers a distributed raster data analysis services in GIS. Raster analysis in GIS is based on cells and rasters. Raster data are specifically used to certain types of analyses, like basic geoprocessing, surface analysis, and terrain mapping. Raster data helps simplify many types of spatial analyses that would otherwise be overly cumbersome to perform on vector datasets. With Brainfuel Solutions, you can use raster data analysis services to develop and make new persevered layers, which can be made obtainable as images and feature web layers.

Raster Data Analysis toolbox

The Raster Data Analysis services comprises a usual set of authoritative tools for executing raster analysis in GIS on data in your gateway. By allocating the processing between various server nodes, you can professionally develop large datasets in less time than ever before

Applications of Raster Analysis in GIS

There are countless logical tools that can be a track on raster data which cannot be used with vector data. Rasters can be used to design water flow over the land exterior. This data can be used to analyze where crunches and stream networks happen, based on the terrain. Raster data analysis services help cultivation and forestry to achieve crop production. Raster analysis in GIS is also very significant for adversity organization.

Scale of Analysis

Local Operations

Local operations can be achieved on single or multiple rasters. In the case of the single raster, a local operation usually takes the method of smearing some mathematical alteration to each separate cell in the grid.

Neighborhood Operations

It characterizes a collection of regularly used 3-D analysis methods that trust deeply on this idea. Neighborhood functions inspect the association of a thing with comparable nearby objects. They can be achieved on point, line, or polygon vector datasets as well as on raster datasets

Zonal Operations

Zonal rasters are often formed by reclassifying an input raster into just a rare category. Zonal operations may be useful to a single raster or two overlaying rasters. Given a single input raster, zonal operations measure the geometry of each zone in the raster, such as zone, border, width, and centroid

Global Operations

Global operations are comparable to zonal operations whereby the whole raster dataset’s level signifies a single zone. Typical global operations contain decisive basic statistical values for the raster as a whole

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Verticals Served

Agriculture & Irrigation

To grow their fullest potential, our Raster Analysis in GIS services have been helping farmers and the Indian agriculture industry. Raster Data Analysis Services solutions also helps to get accurate information about an agricultural landscape


Raster Analysis in GIS services is the key to making better decisions in order to achieve the objective. Our Raster Data Analysis Services company provides complete solutions for railway networks and asset mapping


For telecom industries, Raster Data Analysis offers a variety of services by providing accurate land base maps and mapping their optical access network

Government Sector

Raster Analysis in GIS services is used by Urban Local Bodies like Municipal Corporations, Municipal Councils, and Municipal Committees to manage their property records and fast-track taxation processes

Information Services

Raster Data Analysis Services company recognize the usage and advantage of geospatial technology to most of the industries thus enables businesses across verticals.

Mining & Minerals

Using Raster Analysis in GIS service our team is capable of developing mineral exploration potential. It is also an important planning tool to find mineral potential under the ground

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The raster data analysis services is extensively used in applications fluctuating far beyond geographic information systems (GISs). Most probably, you are now very used to this data model if you have any practice with digital photographs. The universal JPEG, BMP, and TIFF file formats are based on the raster data model. The raster data model contains rows and columns of alike sized pixels unified to form a planar surface. These pixels are used as construction blocks for generating points, lines, areas, networks, and surfaces. Even though pixels may be triangles, hexagons, or even octagons, square pixels characterize the modest geometric form with which to work. Therefore, the massive majority of obtainable raster GIS data are built on the square pixel.

Numerous methods exist for raster analysis in GIS from graze. Three of these models are as follows:

Cell-by-cell raster encoding encodes a raster by generating records for each cell value by row and. This method could be supposed as a large spreadsheet where each cell of the database represents a pixel in the raster image. This method is also mentioned as “exhaustive enumeration.”
Run-length raster encodingencodes cell values in turns of equally valued pixels and can result in a highly beaten image file. The run-length encoding method is useful in circumstances where large groups of adjacent pixels have alike values (e.g., discrete datasets such as land use/land cover or habitat suitability) and are less useful where adjacent pixel values vary extensively (e.g., continuous datasets such as elevation or sea-surface temperatures).
Quad-tree raster encoding rifts a raster into a hierarchy of quadrants that are sectioned based on equally valued pixels. The division of the raster stops when a quadrant is made completely from cells of the same value. A quadrant that cannot be sectioned is called a “leaf node.”

The use of a raster data analysis services discusses many advantages. First, the expertise required to generate raster graphics is cheap and abundant. Nearly everyone presently owns some sort of raster image generator, specifically a digital camera, and few cellular phones are sold today that don’t include such functionality. Correspondingly, a plethora of satellites is continually grinning up-to-the-minute raster graphics to technical amenities across the globe. These graphics are often sent online for private and/or public use, irregularly at no cost to the user.

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