Microsoft’s answer to the hybrid platform’s battle for supremacy, Xamarin helps you create applications that security conscious and performance oriented that its competitors can’t even come close to.

Cross-platform application development like never before.

Extending a complete mobility solution to our clients, Brain Fuel uses Xamarin to develop effective and unique cross-platform mobile solutions offering amazing performance with great agility. Beyond Xamarin, we at Brain Fuel are proficient with Android, Xamarin, Ionic, Cordova and Windows as well. We develop and design highly sought after mobile apps which are tailored to contribute to the business growth of our clients and partners.

Xamarin is based on Microsoft’s Mono, a software framework which was designed to help developers to create applications with the .Net framework across multiple platforms. Xamarin Combines both Common language Infrastructure and Common language runtime, Xamarin was released to the public in 2011, since it has changed how cross-platform hybrid applications have been designed and developed. Xamarin is the only hybrid framework which allows the developers to use almost 100% of the native libraries of both Android and Xamarin. These native libraries are widely used for communicating between API (Application Program Interface) with commonly found smartphone features such as camera, GPS, contacts, camera etc. Xamarin is also popular due to the fact that developers find it easy incredibly easy for building an application as Xamarin only uses C# language on the .NET platform, both owned by Microsoft. Microsoft also provides free resources to help developers to construct, simulate, distribute, applications. Xamarin is always up to date with all the features of all the native languages as well.

Mobile application development process

Learn more about us with the mobile development process, we have broken down the process to meet the demands and expectations of our clients and your end users.

Why Choose Xamarin?

Hybrid framework, Native APIs

Combining Brain Fuel’s long-standing experience with Xamarin, Whether be it coding, debugging or developing applications on multiple platforms, with Xamarin's Native API Access. We have the opportunity to capitalize on the APIs and SDKs as provided by Apple and Google which results in high-performance Xamarin application.

Native UI/UX and Hybrid framework

Even though hybrid, Xamarin gives a pure and unadulterated Native UX and Native performance. Our expertise in Xamarin will your application a native look and feel like no other. Our Xamarin development services make sure that you all the advantages of the native and hybrid platforms.

Multiple SDK integrations

Xamarin renders the facility of building apps for multiple devices and platforms on a single platform. One of the advantages of Xamarin is its ability to integrate multiple SDKs, this gives the developers to develop a Xamarin application which is quite close to a native look and feel.

Up-to-date with Native API’s

Xamarin being the product of Microsoft, Xamarin libraries are always up to date with the latest updates to the respective native platforms. This gives the developers the ability to create an application which matches the performance and feel of the native applications. This is one of the reasons for the rise in Xamarin mobile applications.

Quick Testing

Xamarin's Test Cloud provides an extra layer of testing to develop near flawless native application. Along with the fact that codes and entire sections of codes can be reused when it comes to Xamarin means a testing process which is not too consuming.

Crafted to perfection with Xamarin

Xamarin has changed how businesses and developers hybrid platforms, as discussed Xamarin is a platform where performance takes precedence. Below are some companies and application made with Xamarin.

Component store

Similar to an app store, here Xamarin developers can add components to the Xamarin app directly, The store houses many components both which are paid and free to use.

Fully Customizable

Xamarin lets you get the benefits of both C# and.NET, which is very customizable technology across multiple platforms.

Code Reuse

Since Xamarin has the ability to reuse codes, Xamarin application can be as useful as an offline app as it is an online-centric app. Xamarin is preferred by companies who put security and performance as their top priority. This ability to reuse codes means that the app does not need to download new data every time it is used. This is something where everyone associated with Xamarin wins, the end user as the application won't take too many resources, the developer as the time taken to develop an app gets reduced and the client as the app can be updated easily when compared with the alternatives.

Applications that use Xamarin

CA Mobile

One of the largest banks in Portugal with over 100 years of history and 1.6 million customers. They used Xamarin to reach to their customers across multiple platforms while upgrading their application to perform financial actions.

Storyo: Video Story Creator

Storyo is a storytelling app that enables its users to create videos out of photos and is one of the most popular apps around. Using Xamarin breaking down of borders and operational platforms, storyo is used in more than 170 countries.

The World Bank: Survey Conducting App

Easily one of the most powerful organizations in the world, World Bank chose Xamarin for its survey conducting app so as to make sure that the app performs at optimum level across multiple platforms.